The Farming2020 Video Gallery

Each of the 28 on-site presentations provided at the Farming2020 event was videoed and live streamed. Farming2020 has collated all the presentations to provide a unique collection of curated New Zealand AgTech content. We have created this Video Gallery so that that content can be shared with a wider audience.

Special thanks go to the team at WINTEC, led by Paul Nelson, who captured the video content on our behalf and also to James Meldrum at LIC who assisted edit the final product.

The AgriSmart Presentation

Winners of the recent Fonterra Farm Source Activate 2.0 event in Wellington, Imran & Mark talk about their Waikato-based startup, AgriSmart. AgriSmart™  is cloud software created for NZ Dairy Farmers with the end goal being a “Full staff management platform for New Zealand Dairy Farmers”. It recently rated top Time-sheet App by Dairy NZ.

The Agrigate Presentation

Tim Cutfield, CEO of Agrigate, a joint venture between Fonterra and the Livestock Improvement Corporation, talks about how the Agrigate platform provides New Zealand dairy farmers with a digital dashboard that aggregates data from multiple sources to enable farmers to make better on-farm decisions about herd and pasture management.

The ASB Bank Presentation

ASB Bank are a significant player in New Zealand’s rural sector.

Kevin Cooney, Head of ASB Agri Markets, shared his vision for the development of New Zealand’s AgTech ecosystem and the role that New Zealand’s major banks and other corporate entities can play to accelerate that vision. This is a conversation that has developed since the Farming2020 event closed on 11 May.

The Bloomsky Presentation

BloomSky has designed a beautiful and revolutionary smart weather camera and companion mobile app that enable its users to view and share real-time weather images and conditions in locations that matter most to them. The ingenious IoT device captures and broadcasts accurate, hyperlocal weather images and data to the user, their neighbours and the BloomSky global community of more than 5,000 users. BloomSky is marketed in New Zealand by the MetService.

The BuzzTech Presentation

BuzzTech is a company on a mission to improve the state of the apiculture industry through more accurate data. They do this by developing software and electronic tools that beekeepers love. They enable them to understand their bees on a level that is otherwise unattainable. Julian McCurdy, the founder of BuzzTech explains.

KEYNOTE: Callaghan Innovation

Callaghan Innovation provides a single front door to the innovation system for businesses at all stages of their innovation journey – from start-ups to the most experienced R&D performers.

Hemi Rolleston, General Manager Sectors, Māori Economy and Programmes, talks about Callaghan’s support and vision for New Zealand’s AgTech sector and the role that the Maori economy can play to support its growth.

KEYNOTE: Fonterra Farm Source

Fonterra Farm Source provides digital support to its farmer shareholders through a series of online portals.

Evelyn Seewald, Fonterra’s General Manager Operations and Farmer Services, provides insights into the recent Farm Source Activate 2.0 initiative and its vision for future engagement with the early stage AgTech sector.

KEYNOTE: Gallagher

Hamilton-based Gallagher is a global leader in the innovation and marketing of animal management, security, fuel systems and contract manufacturing solutions.

Mark Harris, Global Marketing Manager – Animal Management, shared Gallagher’s history and long-term vision and support for New Zealand’s AgTech sector. There were a number of great insights in Mark’s presentation.

The InFact Presentation

A winner of the NZ Innovators Awards 2015 and finalist at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2015 for Agri-Tech product of the year, Christchurch-based InFact is an internationally successful design, innovation and hi-tech engineering consultancy that uses design thinking at the heart of its process.

The Kiwihort Presentation

Kiwihort Solutions Limited is an early stage team of developers building a smart orchard management tool for the kiwifruit industry. They are trialing their MVP product on Bay of Plenty kiwifruit orchards.

The KotahiNet Presentation

Interested in LoRaWAN connectivity? Need a custom IoT solution? Building an IoT product or service? Or just want to know more about the Internet of Things? Vikram Kumar, founder of KotahiNet explains.

KEYNOTE: LIC Automation

LIC Automation develops Protrack farm automation and sensor technologies for New Zealand dairy farmers and Saber™ farm automation for international dairy farmers around the world.

Steve Harcourt, Head of Product Development at LIC Automation, provided valuable insights into how LIC Automation views AgTech development over the next five years.

Melanie Higgins, US Consul General to New Zealand Presentation

The U.S. Consulate General in Auckland is a branch of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to New Zealand.

Melanie talked about how the positive leveraging of New Zealand’s close relationship with the US can help identify and increase trading opportunities for New Zealand’s AgTech sector

The MyApiary Presentation

Founder of MyApiary, Darren Bainbridge, talks about some of the leading management tools MyApiary have developed for the business of honey farming.

The Orange Cross Presentation

Chief Operating Officer, Megan Cross explained why Orange Cross is such an effective tool to help farmers with their Health and Safety obligations. The application has created by farmers (Megan and her husband are share-milkers, based outside Hamilton) for farmers and is strongly aligned to the dairy farming sector in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) Presentation

Bridget Unsworth, Investment Director at the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF), spoke about the Fund’s vision of the current investment landscape in New Zealand and its role in supporting the scaling of New Zealand’s emerging AgTech sector.

The Pepper Creative Presentation

Pepper Creative has been in the content creation industry for 13 years and are heavily involved creating content for e-learning in the dairy sector as well as developing solutions for enterprise level organisations and government.

The work includes all aspects of content creation including scripting, voice-over recording, video filming and editing as well as 2D animation, advanced 3D modelling and animation.

KEYNOTE: Rezare Systems

Andrew Cooke, founder & CEO of Rezare Systems, talks about some of the very significant advances in the collection of on-farm data and how this data enables farmers to make better tactical & strategic decisions.

A compelling presentation for all those who want to learn more about just how important data is in today’s farming environment.

KEYNOTE: Spark New Zealand

Michael Stribling, General Manager Strategy at Spark New Zealand,  provided an insight into Spark’s thinking and long term strategy around the growth of IOT technology with specific reference to its impact on the rural and agricultural sectors.

A key feature of Michael’s message was that to support that growth, collaboration with emerging New Zealand AgTech players was an important part of that strategy.

The Tag IT Presentation

Seeing an opportunity to develop the use of on-farm data, Tag IT’s HALO product now with more than 130 systems live on farms throughout New Zealand.

Monitoring water meters, tank levels, milking systems and milk vats along with command and control of effluent systems and reporting from weather stations the HALO Farm System does it all. Learn more from this great presentation.

The Future of New Zealand AgTech Panel Discussion

This is an in-depth and comprehensive panel discussion that discusses the future of AgTech in New Zealand. Chaired by Rachel Kelly, Vice Chair of NZTech, the four AgTech thought leaders who made up the panel, included:

Richard Spelman; Chief Scientist, LIC
Mark Harris; Global Marketing Manager – Animal Management, Gallagher
Andrew Cooke; Founder & CEO, Rezare Systems
Rob Ford; General Manager – Innovation and Technology, Landcorp

This panel discussion is a must view by anyone interested in learning more about the future of the AgTech sector in New Zealand.

The Taking New Zealand AgTech to the US Panel Discussion

Peter Wren-Hilton moderated a ‘Fireside Chat’ with special guests Rob Trice & Bill Reichert. Rob is Founder of The Mixing Bowl & Valley-based Better Food Ventures. Bill is the co-founder & Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures.

The focus of the discussion followed the recent successful visit by 21 New Zealand AgTech leaders who participated in the 2017 Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program & Conference.

Bill & Rob provided a sometimes brutal assessment of Kiwi entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. An absolute must watch for any New Zealand entrepreneur looking to set foot into the US market.

The Western Growers Innovation Center Video Link from Salinas, CA, USA

Dennis Donohue,  Head of the Western Growers Innovation Center, joined the session via video conference from Salinas, California. Dennis talked about the opportunity that the Center provides New Zealand AgTech companies looking to validate their technology and then scale their business in the US market with the support of Western Growers members.

This is an ongoing discussion between the Center and Wharf42.

The Zero Harm Farm Presentation

Zero Harm Farm is the complete Health & Safety app for farming.

General Manager, Mark Orr, talks about why many of New Zealand’s leading agribusinesses have chosen the app as their health & safety solution of choice.

Thanks to the Farming2020 sponsors for making this happen