The Farming2020 Programme

Farming2020 was developed by the team at Wharf42 to coincide with Techweek 2017.

New Zealand’s AgTech sector is a NZ$3 billion industry, generating export sales in excess of $700 million annually. New Zealand AgTech solutions, such as herd improvement, software, pasture mapping and management are being integrated into on-farm practices, maximising increases in productivity and profitability.

The 2017 Farming2020 Event was designed to showcase some of New Zealand’s leading AgTech businesses and solutions operating within a digitally connected working farm environment. The Event will highlight how digital innovation is impacting on agriculture’s long-term future to a diverse audience; industry representatives, other tech innovators, investors, media and invited international guests.

The Venue

The LIC Innovation Farm located in Rukuhia, just outside Hamilton, Waikato, played host to Farming2020. It was a fantastic venue. The team at Farming2020 would like to thank once again the LIC Farm Managers for helping support such a major event.

The LIC Innovation Farm team supporting Farming2020

The LIC Innovation Farm team supporting Farming2020

The Innovation Farm came with its own presentation theatre capable of seating up to 80 people. 28 presentations were live streamed across the Internet meaning that visitors unable to visit Hamilton were still able to view the action. All the videos were saved to enable content created at Farming2020 to be shared across different media platforms.

On 14 June, to mark the first day of Fieldays 2017, we will be posting all presentations to this website’s Video Gallery.



Robots have many fields of application in agriculture. The sector is looking for engineers and scientists to help build and develop the many opportunties that this technology offers.


Drones & Agriculture

Drones provide land mapping, spraying and other important agricultural applications. They will play an increasingly significant role in the digital farm of the future.


Sensor Technology

Sensors enable farmers to understand and learn about soil moisture, pasture growth, nitrogen levels and so much more. This is the ‘Internet of Things’ in the raw.

Thanks to the Farming2020 sponsors for making this all happen

Farming2020 is showcasing ground-breaking New Zealand AgTech

Designed to demonstrate New Zealand's global leadership position as THE domain expert in this sector