In April, Wharf42, the team behind the Farming2020 Program, will be joining the delegation of Kiwi AgTech participants attending the 2017 Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program and Conference. We have been working with our Global Outreach Partner, Silicon Valley Forum, as well as NZTE’s North American AgriBusiness guru, James Wilde, to help make this event happen.

By happy coincidence, the Silicon Valley AgTech event takes place just one month before next May’s Farming2020 Techweek program. Coincidence or not, it makes for interesting timing.

With the announcement and launch of the Farming2020 Event program, we are now in the process of reaching out to the different US-based AgTech companies and investment funds we met during this year’s Silicon Valley AgTech Immersion Program. As a result of that program, a number are already well aware of the Kiwi AgTech scene.  You can view this recent blog post on the Wharf42 website to find out more about some of those conversations.

Some have already indicated an interest in taking the flight from San Francisco next year. Driscolls have just been here. Others intend to follow. Over the coming weeks, we will post details to this blog and via our monthly newsletter to alert Kiwi AgTech businesses of the opportunities that these folks might bring. As well as visiting the AgTech teams’ exhibiting at the Event’s venue, we want to ensure we can maximise the benefit of their presence in the country.

Getting this information out is important. If you have not signed up for the Farming2020 monthly newsletter, you can do so by filling out the (free) subscription form on our home page.

We look forward to continuing to update you as the Farming2020 Event Program firms up.