Farming2020 is sponsoring a major AgTech Panel discussion at the Waikato Innovation Park on Wednesday 29 March. That’s just the start!

Hosted by Waikato’s newly formed CultivateIT, the AgTech panel discussion will be chaired by Rachel Kelly, NZTech Deputy Chair. The panelists include Rob Heebink (Gallagher), Andrew Cooke (Rezare) and Dion Cawood (LIC). The event is free to attend and open to all practitioners within the tech space in the Waikato region.

Following CultvateIT’s official launch on 16 February, 64 companies have taken up membership. The goal is to capture at least 25% of the estimated 400 technology businesses in the region – a task which CultivateIT is well on its way to achieving. That’s cool.

The Wednesday 29 March AgTech panel discussion has been established to focus on collaborative opportunities amongst Waikato’s emerging AgTech and wider technology sector. That’s a critical objective. It’s also a significant introduction to Techweek17’s major AgTech initiative, Farming2020, which takes place from Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11 May at the LIC Innovation Park, located outside Hamilton.

The focus on collaboration maps one of Farming2020’s major themes. How can New Zealand’s emerging AgTech sector increase its levels of collaboration to enable the sector establish a firmer global footprint? We are (very) tired listening about how Israel, Ireland and the Netherlands are dominating this space offshore. It should be a domain that New Zealand takes the thought leadership position. Farming2020 is being designed to address this.

In the meantime, CultivateIT will be posting an Eventbrite page over the coming days to enable people to register for the AgTech panel discussion. It’s one event that the team at Farming2020 are keen to acknowledge and sponsor. So should the region and its emerging AgTech sector.